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He grew up, DEAL WITH IT. :iconangryedwardplz:

It's kind of a weird how so many people seem to like the idea of Edward being a midget (he was never a midget) or just like him to be tiny and petite (feminine? he was never feminine)

Yeah I get mad, it's stupid I know, because he's just an anime character but when I have to read fanfiction (EVERY FANFIC) and every second paragraph where people are randomly calling Edward -tiny, short, puny, squirt -etc etc regardless of time line or common sense, or making him look up to Alphonse which makes no sense (because HE GREW TALLER and by the time he was married to Winry, he was a full head taller than her and he and Alphonse ARE THE SAME HEIGHT give or take an INCH) it just gets on ma' damn nerves. :iconspongebobseesplz:

I've been down this road so many times but alas I must repeat myself (mostly for writers of fanfiction based on post-FMAB and post-manga) Edward DOES NOT STAY SHORT.  :icononionnoplz:

To clarify, as stated in the manga, his height was suffering for two reasons

1) Automail on his ARM

2) Alphonse's body feeding off of Edward's for nourishment to stay alive

As for the milk theory, yes calcium is important but its not the be all and end all of growing up. 

Both of those problems were no longer an issue by the end and just like Al's did (because he was scrawny and all that when he came back), Edward's body caught up, grew and aged into itself. I wish people would get that...


...but you know, maybe people just like the idea of Ed being exaggeratedly small compared to everyone else? Maybe that's a weird drawing and writing fetish of most people, or maybe too many people haven't read the manga or watched Brotherhood or maybe they just ignore it for some bizarre reason and are tickled pink at the idea of Edward being a girly boy? :icondontunderstandplz:

Eh, anyway, I've watched and read it all (I wanna get my hands on the games), the facts as shown in the manga.

Winry is 163 cm (5ft 3) which I believe is her ultimate height according to online searches and when Edward is 16 he has already gained a few inches on her-

 photo edwin84rx4_zps9cd37b08.png

When Edward is 18 he is even taller than he was when he was last compared next to Winry at 16 (also take note, he is wearing normal non-lift shoes and Winry is in fact wearing a heeled sandal, please absorb this information)

 photo example_1_zps45a572e1.jpg  photo example_3_zps39757117.jpg  photo example_4_zps17cad6ce.jpg

And finally, proof of Edward and Alphonse's even heights, as well as the height difference over Winry-

 photo example_2_zps54f23495.jpg

And another picture proving Edward and Alphonse even heights-

 photo asdfg_zpsd5335f6e.jpg

So by estimation of his height next to Winry's, Edward is about 174 / 175 cm (5ft 7-ish).

Please, pass this on if your as INSANE (and irritated with cliche fanfiction BS) as I am, okay? Great :iconmustangderpplz:


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